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Vancouver IT Support Can Give You The Peace Of Mind You’re Looking For

Published on April 10, 2014 by in IT

IT Support is put in place to specifically address any kind of problem that a business encounters. There are a large number of companies who agree to receive IT support from a provider. Companies agree to work with IT Support providers so they will have assurance that their IT network is running and operating smoothly. No one wants to have any type of company loss.

Vancouver IT Support can help prevent any type of barrier that may threaten to bring the company down. IT support has become a necessary addition for businesses to enlist the help of IT services and support in case the operating system has some kind of failure. When IT support is called upon, services will be provided immediately. The IT firm has a responsibility to make sure all of the information is secure, and the IT firm will also provide various protection in the event of any other damage. When IT support and services are outsourced, the business can gain easy access to a variety of skills and knowledge.

When your business adopts IT support, your business can take advantage of all of the business’s resources because your employees will feel less pressure. The employees and staff members can focus on all of the core aspects of the business, and not the IT support tasks. IT support services can also result in a much higher efficiency rate. The best practices will be put in place, allowing a better focus on all of the resources of the business.

When a business has easy access to different and new technology, the customers you are serving will be greatly satisfied on all levels. Your customers can once again be the main focus, and you won’t have to worry about any IT problems.

You should save your business, and make IT work for you. Contact us for more information.

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Distribution ERP Software: Can It Be The Missing Link?

Published on April 2, 2014 by in Accpac, ERP, Sage

Sometimes the simple things in the business world are overlooked or ignored because of all the pressure. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can bring in more benefits to customers. When we think about making customers happy, some businesses may only think about the many values of effective customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is important to having true relationships with customers that will make them happy. Don’t get us wrong, customer relationship management is important to preserving those relationships, but so is adequately doing business with the customers.

We have all probably been irritated with bad customer service or bad service in general, and if it occurs often then we seek elsewhere to purchase our products from a different supplier. Some people may be able to tolerate certain things for a small period of time because everyone makes a mistake sometimes, right? Customers do have choices, and they have the options to do something about it. That option may be to choose another supplier.

There may need to be an improvement in the control of warehouse or there needs to be an improvement in managing your inventory. There may be a need to implement a complete distribution software solution to meet the needs of the complexities of managing the supply chain.  A Distribution ERP software an help make the buying and selling decisions more informed, an improvement in customer service, and an opportunity to save money.

Distributors are faced with different challenges on a daily basis. There should be a quick response to all changes in the distribution industry, as well as dealing with all of the heavy demands of customers.

With Distribution ERP software in place, you will know what you have in stock and where exactly it is located. If the items are not in stock, it will be placed on back order. When it is on back order, the software can assign a purchase order to the sales order. When the purchase order is assigned, no one one else can allocate the stock. This is essential because the staff and customers will not be frustrated because someone else has used the stock for someone else’s order. When the items the customer do not want are in stock, you can offer an alternative to the customers to help satisfy their needs.

Distribution ERP software will be able to understand the distribution needs of a business. The software solution will make your business more organized and more productive, and it does not matter what the size of your channel is. For more information on Distribution ERP software and what it can offer your business, contact us.

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Sage 300 ERP for Non-Profits: How Can It Help You Carry Out Your Mission?

The nonprofit industry can be faced with tough challenges and difficult tasks. Sometimes nonprofits can lack the necessary budget to address all of the needs. Nonprofits are focused on providing excellent services to those in need, but nonprofits may not find much success if they lack the tools, resources, and time needed to properly manage all of the activities.

Sage 300 ERP for non-profits can be a solution that will provide the organizations with an ability to effectively build powerful relationships with everyone involved. It is also to have the necessary resources to keep the costs and overhead at a low. Sometimes there are economic challenges that can call for smaller budgets, but quality services can still be provided. 

Sage 300 ERP can solve certain issues nonprofit organizations may have, by providing accurate and timely reports, as well as a number of other solutions. Sage 300 ERP is intended to make things simplified and streamlined. Everything will be connected into the same system, so you will not have to concern yourself with the risks of losing any of your important information. You can spend the extra time learning figuring out new ways to enhance your organization, while providing high-quality services to the community.

Sage 300 ERP can assist you in ensuring that all of the records are in order, especially for those times when you need to gather information quickly. Every organization has a vision, and every vision needs room to grow instead being placed in a small space. When you choose to use Sage 300 ERP, not only will you grow as an organization, but your system will grow along with you.

Sage 300 ERP is a modular structure with fields that can be customized, so it will be easy to customize the system to meet your needs and requirements. Sage 300 ERP can also be translated into a number of languages, and is supported by a number of partners in another of countries.

When faced with a new challenge and a new task, some people fear the difficulty of learning. Sage 300 ERP is an effective solution that is quick and easy to use. Once you get the hang of learning one of the modules, you will have a short learning curve for the other modules because they have the same feel.

It is important for non-profits to have the proper resources and materials so they can continue providing amazing services for those in the community. If you would like to know more about Sage 300 ERP for non-profits, contact us.

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How Can Distribution Software Make Your Business More Efficient?

Distributors are the part of the chain that provides a connection between manufacturers and buyers. Distributors have to track the packages and products for a number of manufacturers, suppliers, and customers. Distributors also have to track things such as the number of quantities of the orders that need to be processed, as well as the co-op advertising dollars for both, the customers and the suppliers.  

The difficulty of the business is reflected by the difficulty in certain software vendors that supports the business. The complexity of the business can be evidenced by the great amount of options for distribution software available on the market. Distribution software covers or protects the system that are needed to make everything run smoothly. Distribution software can cover systems used to run processes such as accounting, purchasing, and customer relations. These are only a few of the special features and functions that come along with using distribution software.

The locations that have distributors and centers will greatly benefit from features that are obtainable in distribution management. Shipping products efficiently can result in great success for a business. When a distribution center can make the shipping process a speedy one, the business can remain in the competitive race in its type of business market. Distribution software can integrate all the shipping processes to make everything run smoothly and efficiently.

When a business takes advantage of distribution software, a business can gain better control of the levels of stocks, factors related to the different seasons, and the manufacturer forecasts. Once everything is integrated into one system, there will be a reduction in the number of errors that could occur. When looking into the type of distribution software to invest in, there has to be a determination of what type of buyer you are. Distributors may sometimes feel certain pressures to maintain certain levels of products on hand. There is a growing demand for distributors to constantly restock their products.

All distribution software solutions are not made the same way. You have to choose which software solution will provide your business with the best tools possible to make your customers happy by delivering their things when they want them. We understand that you know your business, but it is important to understand all the distribution needs. Distribution software solutions can be designed uniquely for your business.

If you want details on distribution software and how your business can benefit from it, contact us.

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Why Is Non-Profit Accounting Software Important For An Organization?

Published on March 21, 2014 by in Accpac, Sage

Many non-profit organizations have significant and different challenges that they face that many of their for-profit brothers and sisters do not face. One of those many challenges are the accounting needs of the non-profit organization. Non-profit organizations receive limited funds for their administrative needs, and there also certain requirements that need strict reporting. Non-profit organizations can save money and time, and they can also reduce the chance of documenting errors by applying a nonprofit accounting solution. 

Non-Profit Accounting Software and other non-profit accounting solutions can give an organization all the valuable tools they will need to properly manage its expenses and its income. Non-profit organizations can be susceptible to audits, so it is extremely important to record all of the financial details in an accurate and efficient method.

When using accounting software that is designed for non-profits, an organization’s assets, donations, grants, and other income can be tracked easily. When non-profit accounting software is in place, the organization will be doing its part to remain transparent and ensuring all of the federal requirements are being met.

All of the features that are part of the software will work well together so a non-profit can make the best and most of all of their assets. When a non-profit has all of their assets and visibility in place, it can help nurture their reputation and gain a long-lasting trust from all of its support system.

When you implement non-profit accounting software you are empowering your organization to make sure it maximizes all of its resources to help accomplish its vision and mission. When you need to deliver reports with timeliness and accuracy, you can show the potential supporters and donors why your non-profit deserves to receive funds. Your organization will benefit from a higher efficiency and a higher production rate from everyone involved in the organization, including the volunteers.

For more information on non-profit accounting software and how your organization can benefit, contact us.

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What Does a Multi-Site Distribution Enterprise Need From its ERP System?

Published on March 20, 2014 by in Accpac, Sage

One of the keys to success in the distribution business is the ability to operate effectively in multiple sites. When you’re selecting a distribution ERP system, one of the key features you’ll want to look for is multi-site management capability. Just like your distribution business, multi-site capability has a number of interlocking components, each of which is critical to the whole.

Scalability is one of the most important parts of multi-site capability for a distribution ERP system. When your operations depend on the ability to spread your resources efficiently across a number of sites, you need to be prepared to adapt your system to a number of users or locations. A fully scalable ERP solution will ensure that your business is as flexible as possible.

Another key feature of multi-site functionality is remote access for your users. This does more to ensure that users at mobile sites or remote locations can use your ERP software as efficiently as users at the central base. It also makes sure your data is secure. Remote capability requires your ERP software to be hosted on a remote server which is specially housed and maintained to keep your data safe. This can keep you from losing data that is very important to your enterprise.

Many North American enterprises find that making the most of a market frequently requires doing business in two or more countries. That’s why multi-currency capabilities are a third crucial part of multi-site functionality for an ERP system. Streamlined, simple currency exchange features make it easy to do international business without incurring excessive costs. This makes it less risky for your company to grow on an international scale.

Distribution companies are often in the business of thinking big. When thinking big means operating on multiple sites, you need to make sure your ERP is designed with scalability, remote access, and multi-currency functionality in mind. Unisoft specializes in connecting distribution companies with ERP software that fits them perfectly; please contact us to find out more about our products and services.

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TPAC Customer Day – Key Solutions Session

TPAC 2014  is just around the corner! Below is some information about one of the many sessions that will be on occurring on during Customer Day

To attend this and many more interesting sessions, Click here to register for TPAC Customer Day. We look forward to seeing you at TPAC in February!


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Win a $15,000 advertising campaign from Sage

Published on February 5, 2014 by in Accpac, Sage

Many businesses are discovering that in order to remain competitive, they need a social media and marketing strategy. Only 35% of Canadian businesses have a social media strategy or plan. Sage understands the importance of marketing and advertising in helping grow a companies business and reputation in their community. This is why Sage North America are holding a local advertising contest where Sage customers and prospects can enter to win a $15,000 prize package to promote their business!

Enter by February 7, 2014, for a chance to win a $15,000 local advertising package to help promote your business.

Prize package includes:

• Up to $5,000 in agency fees with Doremus, a Sage North America advertising agency, to design the creative for a digital marketing campaign.

• $10,000 in local digital advertising media to be fulfilled by a Sage digital marketing agency.

• Digital advertising materials that you can use again and again.

Enter here to enter

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3 Practices Your Company Can Improve with Distribution ERP

Companies in every industry are always looking for ways to improve the way they do things. In the distribution business, companies often find that resource management is an important area for improvement. There are a number of practices your company can improve with the help of the right distribution ERP software. Here are three practices that are among the easiest to improve.

Inventory control is one practice that is made much easier with ERP software like Sage 300. This software comes with a specialized inventory control model that gives you an up-to-the minute picture of what your inventory levels look like. Even if you need to monitor inventory across multiple sites or companies, distribution ERP software can help you keep better track of what you have and where it is going.

Keeping track of sales data is an important part of staying competitive in the distribution industry, and ERP software can make this practice easier and more effective. Sage 300′s Order Entry module is designed to help make salespeople successful. Integrated with the rest of your distribution ERP software’s modules, this aspect of the system keeps track of customer habits as well as the potential profits to be made from each individual customer.

Asset maintenance, although one of the most important practices for a distribution company, can also be one of the most time consuming. Fortunately, the right ERP software can help you save a lot of time and money on asset maintenance by automating a lot of the work that would be done manually. In addition, distribution ERP software makes it easier for you to practice asset-centric maintenance, which eliminates many of the costs of reactive maintenance and prevents costly asset failures.

The right ERP software for your distribution company does not focus on improving any one practice; rather, it provides a set of integrated tools that let you improve your company’s performance in a plethora of areas. One of the reasons we recommend Sage 300′s distribution ERP software is its integrated modules, each of which helps you improve a set of important practices for your company. We at Unisoft are happy to answer any questions concerning this ERP software for distribution company; contact us for more information.

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TPAC 2014 – 12 Years and Growing Strong

Published on January 30, 2014 by in Accpac, TPAC

The 12th Annual TPAC will be held at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – from February 23rd to 26th, 2014.

This year will be the 12th year of the Third Party Advantage Conference, an annual  highlight for many Sage 300 ERP customers, software developers and business partners.

For those new to TPAC, the Third Party Advantage Conference showcases third party products that work with  Sage 300 ERP (Accpac).  Every product shown is potentially useful for you  in providing a solution to your clients and prospects.

Whether you need a vertical solution, an add-on, a specialized service, or customization you will see everything there is available all at one show.

Following on from tradition the 2014 TPAC conference will once again be holding a customer day on Wednesday, February 26th, where customers can talk directly to industry experts about their software capabilities and business needs.

This years agenda includes sessions on:

Mobile Technology, The truth about the CLOUD, Key solutions, as well as what’s on the road ahead for Sage 300 ERP (Accpac)

If you’re a Unisoft Customer and you’re interested in attending the 2014 TPAC Customer Day then click here to register.


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